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Zoosk Review: Great Dating Site?

Zoosk, like many other dating sites, has launched significant improvements in their dating services over the years. This has resulted in a reorientation of many American minds concerning the concept of online dating. Nevertheless, many people are still very skeptical of the integrity of these services, and they are well within their rights to be. In our Zoosk review, we’ll be taking a look at Zoosk, a great dating service, and finding out if it’s worth your time. We will do this by examining the platform and the value of its services and content in a step by step analysis.

Zoosk Review

Zoosk is a dating app committed to serving the sexual and romantic needs of singles regardless of socio-economic class, race, and sexual orientation. The site has been around for almost 14 years, and it undergoes frequent improvements, which has driven the number of registered singles up to a whopping 40 million.

How Many Languages Does It Offer?

Zoosk is available and functional in more than 80 countries and has been duly translated into 25 languages, including French, Spanish, and German.

Who Are the Owners of Zoosk?

Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh founded Zoosk. Spark Networks SE then acquired it in early 2019.

Where Is Zoosk Located?

The company has its headquarters at Berlin, Germany, and also has its office at 555 Mission Street, San Francisco, California.

When Was This Dating Site Launched?

Zoosk was founded in 2007. The launch was born out of a mission to connect singles that are ready to mingle across the world.

Is Zoosk Available Everywhere?

Zoosk keeps widening its global reach, and the site is currently available in 80 countries.

Special Features

Let’s talk about the features that make Zoosk well-known and useful.

The Smart Pick Feature

The Zoosk dating site makes use of the behavioral matchmaking engine, which is designed to figure out your preferences based on your activities on the site. Once the user comes up with some information, Zoosk recommends other users that you might find interesting through its SP feature.

Zoosk Review

The Carousel search option allows you to view several profiles, and you can keep swiping until you find the profile you like. The feature shows you several people, and you may select either Yes, No, or Maybe to designate your attitude.

Dating Insights

Zoosk gets some information based on your activity and then proceeds to give you some insights about your personality, your type, and the type of people that are likely to hit on you and, consequently, hit you up.

Zoosk Connections

Zoosk allows you to add the matches you are interested in as connections, and it notifies them of your interest. You could call them your Zoosk favorites.

The Boost Feature

The Boost feature widens your reach and ensures your profile is visible to more users on the platform. This is a great way to get more matches and increase your success rate on the platform.

The Super Send

The Super Send feature lets you send messages to several people all at once, and that’s not even the best part. In case you can not figure out what to write and how not to sound corny, Zoosk provides you with original instant messages.

Audience Quality

As mentioned earlier, Zoosk has about 40 million users in over 80 countries, and it is available in 25 languages. Also, the male to female ratio is almost proportional; 52% of the users are females, and 48% are males, and that makes it an ideal dating site.

Zoosk Review

Age Distribution

The average male age on Zoosk is 27, and the average female age is 24. As mentioned earlier, the male to female ratio makes it a great place for singles to connect.

Fakes And Scammers

Generally, social media platforms have to deal with trolls opening fake profiles with nothing to do than ridicule other users. Some others open fake profiles using false names and photos to build relationships and extort money in the process. Zoosk has its fair share of fake profiles, trolls, and swindlers among the 40 million registered members.

Mobile App And Website

We can’t have a Zoosk review without talking about their mobile app and website, so let’s talk about them.

Zoosk App

The Zoosk mobile app is available on the Play store and the App Store for Android users and iOS users, respectively. All of the website’s features can be accessed on the app except the dating insights feature. It has a colorful interface, and the icons are recognizable, making it very easy to use. The app’s major drawback would be the ads, which will not be a problem if you are a premium user.

Zoosk Review

Zoosk Website

The website can be accessed on your smartphone, computer, and any other internet-connected device with a browser. The site is easy to use and navigate, and it has a great and resplendent interface with icons and features positioned strategically in places you’d quickly find them.

Can I Surf The App On My Computer?

Of course, the mobile app is designed for and can only be used on iOS and Android mobile phones. However, Zoosk works well on computer browsers for people who are keen on using their PCs.

Which Internet Browsers Support Zoosk?

As far as we know, Zoosk can be accessed on all browsers, and nothing indicates otherwise. However, we advise using trusted browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Zoosk Review

Why Am I Finding It Difficult To Enter The Site?

We suggest you try accessing the site in a place with better Wi-Fi. Also, like most sites, Zoosk undergoes maintenance from time to time, so you can try it later or use the mobile app instead.


Zoosk delivers on a simple interface, with logically placed features. Even if it’s your first time on a dating site, you will get the hang of it in no time.

Registration Process

Registration is like the gateway to the site, making it an essential part of most Zoosk reviews. Signing up on Zoosk takes from 3 to 6 minutes, depending on how fast you can supply the necessary information required. During the registration process, you’ll be required to provide a zipcode from your country because Zoosk has an inbuilt feature that can detect VPN.

After signing up, you’ll get a mail containing an activation link, and you’ll need to click on it. After that, your profile is verified, and the site will be yours to surf.

Once you’ve exchanged messages or likes with anyone, they become a connection automatically. If you’d like to undo this for whatever reason, follow the steps as listed below:

  • Log in to the site
  • Click on the menu on the left side and find “Connections”
  • Click on “Connections” and the profile image of the user you want to unmatch
  • Click on “Remove Connection,” and voila

    What’s The Age Requirement On Zoosk?

    Like all other dating sites, you have to be at least 18 years old to register on Zoosk. We cannot stress enough the importance of being completely honest about your age.

    How Can I Get My Zoosk Account Verified?

    The Zoosk feature that makes this happen is called Photo Verification, and this is how it works. Just open the app and select the exact image you want to verify. After that, you’ll be required to record a video selfie that captures the entirety of your face. You’ll get a sleek ‘verified photo’ badge afterward.

    Zoosk Review

    How Do I Verify My Email Address On Zoosk?

    Zoosk has a way of authenticating your email address. It does this by sending an activation link to the mail, and if you click on it, Zoosk can confirm the email is yours.

    What If I Register With My Facebook Account

    Using a Zoosk account linked to Facebook means Zoosk can copy your Facebook profile information to help set up your Zoosk page easy and fast. Zoosk is verified on Facebook, and that basically means it has been deemed safe by Facebook, and data can be safely exchanged. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, you can block the Zoosk app on your Facebook page.

    Can I Use The Service Without Signing Up?

    Some other sites allow that, but Zoosk does not. You’ll have to sign up to make use of the site and its features, and that’s just how it works.

    Profile Set-Up

    One of the first things you need to do is put up a profile picture and get it verified so potential matches can know it is real. There are individual sections on Zoosk where you’ll have to write about yourself and what you like. They are Ideal Date, Story, and Perfect match, and we advise that you make it as detailed and exciting as possible.

    Can I Delete an Already Uploaded Photo on Zoosk?

    Yes, you can. All you need to do is click on the profile menu, click the “Edit profile” button and select “Edit photos” where you can delete and/or change the photos.

    How To Change My Username?

    Just go to the profile menu, click on basics, and right there, you’ll have a drop-down list of your basic information, including your username. From here, just click on the box and edit it.

    Is There A Possibility To Delete Your Profile?

    If you are a premium user, you’d need to cancel your subscription first. When you’ve done that, click on the profile menu at the top right corner and select “Account settings.” This will redirect you to your account page, where you’ll need to click on the “Edit” option and select “deactivate.”

    What Happens After I Deactivate The “Show Me On Zoosk” Option?

    If you disable the Boost feature, that just means your profile becomes less visible just like it was before you activated the promotion. Note that the boost feature is only available to premium users.

    Can I Withdraw Any Information Already Submitted to Zoosk?

    Yes, you can. All you need to do is tap on your profile menu and scroll down. From there, you’ll be able to edit the information on your profile.

    Zoosk Review

    One of the major features of a dating site like Zoosk is its search options that allow you to search for other members on the platform. Let’s dig deep into how it works.

    Can I See The Zoosk Members I liked?

    When you like another member’s profile, they get the message and can decide to reciprocate. From that moment on, they are added to a list of your Zoosk connections, and you can view them by clicking on the icon at the top left.

    What Are The Different Search Options On Zoosk?

    There is a traditional search option that allows you to search based on some preferences and categorizations. There is also the Carousel Search Option that will enable you to view several profiles at once. The Smart Pick feature also aids these search options.

    Will I Get Notified Of Likes As A Free Member?

    Free members get notifications of likes, but only premium members can send messages without limits and restrictions. So, to get the best out of the site’s features, you’ll need to subscribe.

    Zoosk Review


    The direct messaging option is one of the most important features of any dating site, and that’s why it’s a part of our Zoosk review.

    How Can You Start Exchanging Messages With Another User On Zoosk?

    One way to initiate conversations is by liking a profile or sending a smile and a wink. Those are more like introductory messages, and if the other person responds, you can start a virtual conversation.

    How Can I Message Another User?

    Once you’ve found someone, click on their profile and send a direct message. Yeah, it is that easy. If you connect with someone who found you on the Carousel search, you might need some virtual coins, even if you are a paid user.

    Can I Send Messages For Free?

    To send messages on Zoosk, you have to be a premium subscriber, and there is no way around that. However, you can get notifications and respond to messages sent to you by premium subscribers.

    How Do I See Messages From Other Users?

    To check your messages, just click on the bell-shaped notification icon. However, as a free member, you can only see messages from premium subscribers.

    Zoosk Review

    How To Use The Camera On Zoosk?

    Zoosk lets you take a picture with your camera instantaneously and upload it on the site. All you need to do is click on your profile menu and select “add photos.”

    How Can I Limit The Number Of Users That Can Message Me?

    Zoosk has a feature called The Hide and Seek option, which offers three visibility levels, namely: Hide, Seek, and Sneak. The Hide Option restricts your profile’s visibility such that only people you message can see you while the Seek option gives it full visibility. The Sneak option also offers full visibility and allows you to check other users’ profiles without them knowing.

    Membership Price And Other Payment Methods

    You can either be a free member or a premium member on Zoosk, but as you probably guessed, premium members enjoy more features.

    Free Membership Features

    Signing up on Zoosk is completely free, and once you have signed up, entry into the site is also free. Free members enjoy other features like setting up your profile and using the regular search option. They also get to purchase virtual coins to use some features.

    Zoosk Review

    Premium Membership Features

    Premium members have access to all the features, including sending messages and chatting with other users, connecting with users recommended by Smart Pick, and access to the profiles of people who have checked theirs out.

    Pricing System:

    • One-month subscription: $29.95
    • Three months: $59.95
    • Six months: $74.95
    • Yearly Subscription: $99.95

    Also, if you want to purchase Zoosk virtual coins and enjoy some limited features, the prices are the following:

    • 50 virtual coins – $4.99
    • 250 virtual coins – $19.99
    • 750 virtual coins – $49.99

    Does Zoosk Provide Premium Membership?

    Like many other dating sites, Zoosk offers a premium membership for its users at a cost. Compared to other dating sites, the price is pretty usual, as outlined above.

    How Can I Cancel Zoosk Premium Membership?

    Click on your Zoosk profile at the top right and select account settings. Select “Subscriptions,” and you will be redirected to the subscription page where you will find an option to cancel.

    Is Zoosk Subscription Auto-Renewed?

    When subscribing for a premium membership on Zoosk, you can either make your subscription auto-renewed or not. If your subscription is set to automatic renewal, that just means you’ll be automatically charged when your subscription ends.

    Do They Offer A Refund For Unused Time?

    Zoosk has a strict “no refund” policy, as clearly documented in their terms and agreement. If you have any grievances, we advise that you contact Customer support.

    Is My “Support” To Zoosk Site Renewed Every Month?

    For every payment option, a subscription is automatically renewed. However, you can cancel auto-renewal under Account settings.

    Can I Get My Money Back If I Am Not Satisfied With Zoosk?

    A lot of things are possible on Zoosk, but getting a refund isn’t one of them. This is clearly stated in their terms and agreement, as mentioned earlier.

    How Does The Zoosk Payment Appear On A Credit Card Bill?

    You can subscribe as a premium member on Zoosk with your bank credit card or through PayPal. If you are paying with a credit card, you get a lucid debit alert with full details of the transaction.

    Can I Give Support To Other Zoosk Users?

    Zoosk makes no provision for gift payments on the platform. However, you can have some funds wired to another Zoosk user, and that way, they can subscribe by themselves.

    Can I Opt To Send Support For A Month?

    You definitely can. A monthly subscription is one of the payment options available on Zoosk.

    Is Zoosk Secure?

    In terms of privacy and data protection, we can assure you that Zoosk is relatively safe. Considering it has been around since 2007, you can trust the site on that.

    Zoosk Data Privacy

    Like most social platforms, Zoosk has a privacy policy page where they outline what they do with your data according to their terms of use.

    Are Zoosk Chats Secure?

    Your messages and chats on Zoosk are well encrypted and protected. However, the onus lies on you to protect your privacy by ensuring you have a strong password and not trusting strangers with information. You can visit the privacy policy page to get more info on the Zoosk data protection system.

    Can Zoosk Track Users Down?

    The platform has absolutely no reason to track verified users down. However, if they are dealing with criminals, they might have to track them down for the safety of the company. If you are a legitimate user of the site, there is no reason for Zoosk to track you down, and you can be sure that they won’t.

    Can It Be Traced By Cops?

    Zoosk has a public contact address, and if anyone needs to contact them, including cops, they can freely do so. The police can send a mail or put a phone call through, depending on what the issue is. In case, there’s an order on open proceedings, they may request some information according to the law.

    Who Can I Contact Regarding My Privacy On Zoosk?

    If you need to contact anyone regarding an issue, your best bet is a customer care representative. You can get in touch with them by writing to [email protected].


    Zoosk places reasonable measures for the safety of its members and data entrusted to them, and they have done relatively well at this for years.

    Are Zoosk Forum Discussions Moderated?

    Zoosk has what you could call a community on Facebook with millions of members. On the forum, users get to ask questions, dish out advice and discuss observations. There are stringent rules against harmful conduct and speeches to keep the community peaceful and orderly.

    What Will Happen To A Member Who Uses Zoosk Account to Ask for Money?

    There is no justifiable reason to ask for money from people you’ve never met before. If you come across anyone like that, we advise that you stop communicating with the person immediately. You can also report the account, and it will be duly penalized.

    Banned Account

    Your Zoosk account could end up banned for different reasons, and your chances of getting it back depend on the gravity of the alleged offense.

    Why Can’t I Access My Zoosk Account?

    That could be because you’ve been banned temporarily or permanently. A ban or suspension usually occurs as a result of conduct contrary to the site’s rules as stipulated in the terms and agreements.

    How Long Do Bans on Zoosk Last?

    If you get banned on Zoosk, the ban can last for however long the administrators deem fit. It could be for a short period, or it could last for a very long time.

    How Do I Reactivate My Suspended Account?

    If you are convinced you did nothing that warrants a ban, you can take it up with the administrators. Just write to the customer care representatives with details of your issue and defense.

    Protect Yourself

    Whatever the Zoosk site is doing to beef up its security will be undermined if the vigilance of members does not complement them. Do not trust strangers, and don’t share your data with anyone.

    How To Block And Report A Suspicious Swindler?

    If you have someone trying to get money from you on the site, that’s your cue to block and report them. All you need to do is click on their profile and select Block or Report from the menu.

    Which Information Should You Refrain From Posting On Your Profile?

    There are some things you should not post on your Zoosk profile for your safety. Do not put your full name and address (work or home) on your profile. Also, don’t put up your phone number as it can be used for sinister purposes by charlatans. Whatever it is, you are not comfortable revealing about yourself, keep it private, and trust your instincts.

    Help and Support

    You can contact the customer care members by dialing the number: (888) 939-6675. You can also write to them at [email protected] or through any of their social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Real Life Review

    Bots and scammers are actual problems that Zoosk users have to deal with. The issue is not peculiar to Zoosk, and the site’s administrators are working tirelessly to deal with it. Zoosk has also partnered with renowned network security companies to tackle the problems of credential stealing and fake account creation.

    Is Zoosk The Best Dating Platform?

    Zoosk is a trustworthy online matchmaker that has been around for 14 years and has millions of loyal members. The site continually upgrades its features and ensures they are up to par at every given point. Unique features like the Carousel option and the Smart Pick cements its place as a top-tier dating site.

    Is Zoosk Secure?

    Zoosk is a relatively safe option for singles looking to delve into the world of online dating. The administrators are continually devising methods to make the site even more impregnable. However, users need to adopt safety protocols, as mentioned earlier, use the block and report options and stay vigilant.

    Is Zoosk A Hookup Site?

    Zoosk was designed for adult singles to meet up and build a relationship. The relationship could be based on casual sex, serious dating, or both, and that is up to the parties. Based on that, you would not be wrong to refer to Zoosk as a hookup site.

    Is Zoosk Free To Use?

    You can register for free, and you also will not be charged after making your way into the site. Free members can enjoy some basic features, but some features are restricted. As a premium member, you have wider access.

    How Does Zoosk Work For Its Members?

    You cannot get an experience on the site without signing up. After signing up, you can just navigate the site and get used to the interface. You can then create a great profile to attract other users and potential matches. After that, you will have to decide if you want to be a free member or a premium subscriber.

    Are There Fake Profiles?

    Trust us when we say there are fake profiles on most social networking platforms, including Zoosk. A considerable number of Zoosk’s 40 million members are fake profiles, and there are measures in place to fish them off. One way to help out as a member is to report suspicious or potentially dangerous users and trolls.

    Dating Sites Similar To Zoosk

    Alternative dating sites include Tinder, OkCupid, eHarmony, etc. The endpoint of a dating site is getting the romantic or sexual satisfaction you need, and you have a shot at that on any of these dating apps.

    Contact Information

    Address: 989 Market Street, Fifth Floor. San Francisco, California 94103

    Phone Number: (888) 939-6675

    Email: [email protected]


    Zoosk has been around for well over a decade and has received multiple accolades over the years for its efficacy and constant facelifts. It is a top choice dating site for adult singles of diverse ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc. If there is anyone out there looking to make their first entry or come back into online dating, Zoosk is the place to be. The site has its flaws, but it stands tall amongst others.